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Hi, I’m Cynthia, the Co-founder of Victorious Perspective, a faith & lifestyle blog, created to inform, inspire and encourage women with the love of Christ! Through God’s infinite guidance, this blog will serve as a social ministry where women can discuss the things that keep us on our toes and our knees, evolve in our faith, turn our fears into future success, love on one another with compassion, all with the spirit of a Proverbs 31 woman. Rest assured, there’ll be a little something for everyone!

So, you’re likely wondering who is the founder of Victorious Perspective? I’m so glad you asked! That would be, my Father! Seriously, let me explain. The concept of Victorious Perspective was birthed from some of my personal experiences of overcoming obstacles and challenges in my life. There was also the burden of seeing many women experiencing similar issues who needed hope. I’m honored and humbled that God loved me enough to impart a powerful social ministry on my heart. He planted the vision of Victorious Perspective clearly in my mind, thus reaffirming himself as the architect of my life, and designer of my destiny. I am running with his vision for which he gets all the glory. I am absolutely certain he will reap a bountiful harvest!

In complete transparency, I’ve found that women identify with me, because I’ve survived and thrived the roads of a failed marriage, divorce, raising children, a purpose-driven marriage, ministry and just the joys and stresses of daily life. I’d be the first to admit had it been by my own strength, I would’ve been out of this race of life a long time ago, but Jesus saves!

Apart from my faith and family, community is of high importance to me. In turn, I’d like nothing more for us to be more than simply an audience but a community overflowing with genuine adoration for Christ and sister empowerment for all walks of life. We will look out for one another, love on one another, and even the occasional, no shade but seriously girlfriend, perspective check is not off limits! I feel so blessed for all that is to come for Victorious Perspective and I am overjoyed that you will be experiencing it with me! Drop me a line and introduce yourself, your perspective is welcome here!


Cynthia C

by A Victorious Perspective

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